Change 4 Life Sports Clubs in Primary Schools


Primary sports clubs have been created to increase physical activity levels in less active 7-9 year olds, through multi-sport themes.


There are currently 5 themes that are taken from a variety of sports those being:


  • Adventure - Canoeing, cycling, orienteering, rowing, sailing
  • Combat - Boxing, fencing, judo, taekwondo, wrestling
  • Creative - cheerleading, diving, gymnastics, jump rope, swimming
  • Flight - Cricket, handball, rounders, softball, ultimate frisbee, volleyball
  • Target - archery, boccia, bowls, goalball, golf, fencing.


If you are interested in setting up a Change4life club in your school, please contact

Steve Whitehead - School Games Organiser

Office: 0161 643 4009 Ext: 244

Mob: 07800672841




For more details of the change4life club please click on the link below...


Setting up a Change4life Club
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Tel No: 0161 643 4009 Ext 244


E Mooney School Games Manager


Tel No: 07800 672 501


J Roberts School Games Manager


Tel No: 07800 672 498


S Whitehead School Games Organiser


Tel No: 07800 672 841

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